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An invoice and quotation template is a tool used by businesses to provide customers with a formal record of a transaction, including the goods or services provided, the cost of those goods or services, and any terms and conditions associated with the transaction.

A quotation template is typically used prior to the completion of a transaction to provide a customer with an estimate of the cost of the goods or services they are seeking. It includes the proposed cost, any taxes or fees associated with the transaction, and any applicable terms and conditions.

Once the transaction is complete, the invoice template is used to provide the customer with a formal record of the transaction, including the actual cost of the goods or services provided, any applicable taxes or fees, and any payment terms or instructions. The invoice may also include additional information such as a description of the goods or services provided, the date of the transaction, and the contact information for the business.

Both the quotation and invoice templates are customizable and can be tailored to suit the needs of the business and the specific transaction at hand. They are essential tools for maintaining accurate financial records, tracking sales and revenue, and providing customers with a clear and transparent record of their transactions.

Overall, an invoice and quotation template is a vital tool for any business seeking to manage its finances and maintain strong relationships with its customers. By providing clear and accurate information about transactions, businesses can ensure that their customers are satisfied and that their financial records are in order.

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Template - Invoice and Quotation Template