5 Free Online Courses Every Entrepreneur Should Take

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These days, learning has become a lot more accessible thanks to online courses. As an entrepreneur, there are hundreds of courses out there that can prepare you with the right business skills you need for greater success. This includes free and paid courses that anyone can take. 

To help you level up your skills and become a better entrepreneur, here are five of the best online courses to take. 

1. Y Combinator’s Startup School  

Y Combinator is the most famous startup accelerator in Silicon Valley. It also offers an insightful online course – a 10-week program designed to equip new founders with everything they need to know to build the next major business. 

The course instructors cover big names, like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. If you’re ambitious and at the early stages of building your startup, then this is a great course to take. 

2. Eric Reis’s ‘The Lean Startup’

Eric Reis, the author of The Lean Startup, also offers a short online seminar to teach entrepreneurs about his lean startup methodology. The course is highly valuable for any new entrepreneurs looking for advice on launching their business, and getting their products to market as quickly as possible. 

3. Coursera’s Entrepreneurship Specialization

The Entrepreneurship Specialization course is offered by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The course is broken down into five different sections, covering all of the necessary information entrepreneurs should know about building and launching their business. 

It’s a comprehensive course, although you can choose to only take certain sections of the course if some don’t appeal to you. If you’re looking for an in-depth business course at an affordable price, this is a great option.

4. Hubspot Academy Marketing Courses

While this is not one specific course, Hubspot Academy offers a wealth of information for entrepreneurs looking to learn more about marketing. Hubspot is a world leader in marketing and sales technology, and its Academy includes a range of free courses to help business owners learn valuable strategies and concepts for growing their businesses. 

The short courses available cover topics like inbound marketing, email marketing, content marketing, marketing automation, and more. If you’re growing a new business, then these are topics you’ll want to know about.

5. edX Becoming an Entrepreneur

The Becoming an Entrepreneur course by edX is offered in conjunction with MIT Launch. The online course is aimed towards new entrepreneurs looking to start their first business. It covers all the basics you need to know about developing the right business skills and startup mindset.

The course takes six weeks and is free with an optional upgrade available. 

No matter what your background is or where you are in your business journey, taking the right online courses will always provide value. These courses have all been designed to help entrepreneurs gain new business skills and become more prepared for business success. If you’re serious about your entrepreneurial journey, then investing in the right course can make a big difference to your future.